OREN Pink Butcher Paper - 24" x 150 ft roll

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OREN Pink Butcher Paper - 24" x 150 ft roll

Pink/Peach Butcher Paper in Carry Tube, FDA Approved and the original meat smoking paper for Texas-style BBQ (24'' x 150 Ft Roll)

  • ✔ 100% FDA APPROVED & MADE IN THE USA - Oren International pink butcher paper is 100% FDA Approved for direct food contact and made in the USA
  • ✔ NO TEXAS CRUTCH - Our pink butcher paper smokes aluminium foil. It's engineered to be heat and moisture resistant allowing the meat to breathe which creates the perfect bark; it was even endorsed by Aaron Franklin!
  • ✔ THE PERFECT BUNDLE - Our roll comes with both a DCT Packaging Tube and an E-Book 'Bare Bones of BBQ'.
  • ✔ ALL NATURAL UNWAXED FOOD GRADE PAPER - Our pink butcher paper is all-natural without any wax, plastic coating, bleach, or anything that could affect the flavour of your perfectly cooked brisket. It's manufactured with excellent wet strength to provide superior holdout avoiding messy situations.
  • ✔ ALL PURPOSE - Our high quality all-purpose pink butcher paper is perfect for cooking, wrapping, and storing meats, tray liners, table runners, placemats, burgers, fries, ribs, and many more applications in restaurants and backyard BBQs.

* Branded PRO Smoke

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