Peruvian Rocoto Sweet Hot Chilli Sauce

This sweet chilli sauce uses Peru’s finest, punchiest hot peppers and is perfect with seafood and meats or as an accompaniment to grilled vegetable dishes. It has a beautiful ruby colour and a delicate balance of sweetness and heat. No onions, tomatoes, or spices. Just red peppers, Rocoto chilli, garlic, sugar and a little lime juice, giving it a distinct style and taste. The purity of it and its simplicity makes it much more versatile.

Allergens: None

How to Use: Rocoto Chilli sauce makes an outstanding stir-fry sauce for chicken, pork, or prawn dishes. It is also fabulous with cheeses like Feta or on the side as a dip.

Rocoto chilli peppers (Capsicum pubescens) are native to Peru and were consumed by the Incas and other Andean cultures millennia ago. Rocoto peppers look a bit like a squashed tomato, but taste nothing like them. These red (and sometimes yellow) peppers are hot, registering a similar level of “heat” on the Scoville Scale as the habanero pepper. If that means nothing, just know that they are multiple times hotter than jalapeños.

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