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Extra support for any adventure: The Adhesive Pad for the Petromax Cool Box
With the Adhesive Pad you not only effectively protect your Cool Box kx50 from scratches and bumps but at the same time ensure for more grip. The thin cover made of synthetic foam is made custom-fit for the surface of the ultra-passive cooling systems kx50. The dense material creates a durable protective layer defying wind and weather. Thus, you and your Cool Box profit from the special protection against moisture, UV- radiation and temperature effects. Even if you have been in outdoor action up to the knee: Rough dirt can be removed easily by brushing or wiping off. In just a few steps the anti-slip pad is applied and directly provides you with more support during your very own adventures.

The lashing points have been omitted within the pad; thus, you can still secure your ultra-passive cooling system before transport. The extra layer is available in two colours and in two designs each. You alone decide what your next nature experience looks like.

Non-slip stand or comfortable seat? Both, because with functional Petromax accessories you stay flexible. The installed Adhesive Pad can be used in combination with the Seat Cushion for the Petromax Cool Box kx50 and provides you with the necessary freedom.

How to apply the Adhesive Pad the right way

  1. Before application, make sure that the surface of the lid is free of dirt by cleaning it thoroughly with water and a customary dishwashing detergent. Afterwards, dry with a cloth.
  2. Remove the adhesive film on the back and hold the Adhesive Pad just over the lid of the Cool Box and align by centre.
  3. When the position is correct start on one side of the lid and apply the edge of the Adhesive Pad flush. Do not press down yet, otherwise you cannot correct the position anymore! Now let the rest of the adhesive area follow slowly, until it rests completely on the Cool Box.
  4. As soon as the edges lay exact you can press down the Adhesive Pad firmly with the palms of your hands.

Technical Details:

Material: Synthetic foam
Dimensions: (H x W x D): 0.3 x 65.5 x 45.5 cm
Weight packed: 560 g
Colour: Brown
Design: Dragon
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