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This makes the insert for the Atago griddle the complement for grilling with grill stripes:

  • characteristic grill stripes during plancha grilling with the Petromax insert for the Atago grill plate made in Germany
  • stable and tilt-proof storage for pot, pan or percolator directly above the flames
  • simultaneous preparation of sauce, soup, pan dish or coffee while grilling
  • safe placement in the center: Food remains on the grill plate
  • exact fit for the recess in the Atago grill plate and can be optimally combined with the Petromax cooking attachment for the Atago grill plate

The Petromax insert is the perfect addition to provide even more variety and characteristic grill stripes when plancha grilling on the Atago grill plate. It fits effortlessly into the grill plate or the cooking attachment and adds more functions to your Atago grill plate. While it also ensures that you can safely place food in the center of the grill plate, it serves as a mini grill grate and a safe surface for fire pots and pans when used in the cooking attachment. The insert for the Atago Plancha grill plate creates typical grill stripes on steak, filet and vegetables, while fried potatoes or fried eggs fry on the plancha plate at the same time. This way you can prepare a crispy side dish and grill steak at the same time, prepare a hearty barbecue sauce or a starter soup with hearty soup ingredients. In addition, the insert for the Atago griddle can serve you as a safe location for cooking utensils while you continue grilling on the plancha plate.

With a grill and charcoal tongs you can easily lift the insert from the cooking attachment or from the Atago grill plate. Then you refill charcoal or wood through the recess in the middle of the plate or cooking attachment. The Petromax insert extends the Atago Plancha grill plate with an additional possibility to cook on the grill plate and allows you to prepare safely placed grilled food with typical grill stripes.

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