Pimento (Allspice) Wood Chunks

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If you're not grilling over Pimento Wood, you can't call it Jerk!

True authentic pimento wood to barbecue Jerk flavoured dishes, straight from Saint Ann's Bay in Jamaica from a pimento farm. Great for smokers.

Has this wood been treated?

As per the Jamaican Governments Export Requirements, this wood has been heated and treated (no chemicals involved whatsoever!) but Pimento cannot leave Jamaica without this certificate, which we have.

How do I use Pimento Wood Chunks?

When using Pimento wood chunks can be put directly onto the heat source to smoke if you are cooking low n'slow or burn if you are grilling.

  • Perfect for all of your longer cooks and for grills like the Big Green Egg ceramic-type grills.
  • direct from Jamaica
  • Approx 700 - 800g