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These exquisite Jamaican Pimento Leaves come from Jamaican Pimento Trees. leaves are air dried; these Pimento leaves give an authentic jerk flavour to any meal.

One ounce (28g) of Dried pimento Leaves – The Pimento or Jamaican Allspice leaf contains as much, if not more, flavour than the Pimento Berries used for spice.

You can use these Pimento Leaves to achieve the real Jamaican Jerk Seasoned meat taste that is famous worldwide. Jerk-seasoned meats have a distinct flavour due to the smoke of pimento leaves and a unique cooking technique.

These leaves can also be used in the marinade process. Wash the leaves, smash them into more refined pieces, and spread them over chicken or meat with additional seasonings. This lets the pimento taste to permeate the chicken or meat. You can also use these leaves on the grill by putting the chicken or meat directly on the bed of these leaves.

Our Jamaican Pimento leaves have almost the same flavor as the Pimento Berries that are used for spice. Toss them on the coals for a spicy smoke, or throw them in a pan of hot water to make extremely delicious steam for any meat. You can also use these leaves in your jerk rubs as a spice or in place of bay leaves in any recipe.

NOTE: PIMENTO LEAVES VARY IN SIZE AND COLOUR and are naturally dried in the sun. Some will be a whole leaf, but since they are dried, they also are in pieces.

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