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‘High Quality Hardwood BBQ Charcoal’

  • Dense Hardwood - High Heat, Long Burn Time, Great Flavour
  • Restaurant Grade Charcoal
  • Mixed size pieces from 2-30cm aprox.
  • Packed in a large handy bag (aprox 5.5-6kge)
  • Sustainably sourced and biodegradable packaging

Grill with confidence using hardwood charcoal guaranteed to sear up the flavour. Our premium gourmet lump wood is restaurant quality ideal for any outdoor charcoal barbecue grill and professional kitchens too! All of our gourmet charcoal is sustainably sourced dense hardwood . We use high-quality hardwoods to create long-burning and high heat charcoal to sear on natural, tasty barbecue flavours. The density and size (2-30cm) ensure high temperatures for an extended period of time making it ideal for use in professional kitchens and home BBQs. This consistency makes them ideal for chefs and home cooks, providing a long and controllable cooking environment. Our premium charcoal is packed into natural, biodegradable, planet friendly kraft bags. This big handy bag size is around 5.5-6kge,

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