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It’s all About the Flavour!

This Premium Professional Lumpwood Charcoal is the highest quality restaurant grade charcoal used by Chefs and Home Cooks alike. It burns for longer at a consistently high temperature for more stable cooking, required in most professional kitchens.

All the Premium Professional Lumpwood Charcoal from The Green Olive Firewood Co. is ethically sourced and created from sustainable, denser hardwoods such as oak & beech. The density and larger size of the charcoal pieces will ensure high temperatures over an extended period making them ideal for use in professional kitchens.

This Premium Professional Lumpwood Charcoal is ideal for long cooks, smokers, charcoal BBQs, outdoor kitchens and grills. Perfect for those BBQ’s where family come and go all day!

So go ahead and cook like a pro!

The Green Olive Company:

‘Clean fuels for a better environment!’ At Green Olive Firewood we are woodsure ‘Ready to Burn’ approved on all our key firewood products. The ‘Ready to Burn’ scheme ensures the wood products are clean, below 20% moisture content and sourced from legal and sustainable means.

At Green Olive Firewood our Product Values are Natural Materials, Sustainability, Ethically Produced and Premium Quality.

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