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The Primo Kamado Round Ceramic BBQ Grill is an excellent starter to the world of Ceramic Cooking. Made in America, the Primo Round Kamado Grill has the same build quality you get from the Oval Range but is round. 

The Primo Kamado Round Ceramic Grill is Primo’s traditional 18.5” round Kamado-style ceramic grill. Grill, bake, roast or smoke any food. Indirect cooking for baking, roasting and smoking requires the Heat Deflector Kit. The Primo Round BBQ includes the Ceramic BBQ, Ash Tool and Grate Lifter.

The grill comprises premium-grade ceramics, a cast iron top vent, an easy-to-read thermometer that can be calibrated, a porcelain-coated cooking grate and a stainless steel lower draft door.

The Kamado Round Basic package includes the following:

  • Heat Deflector plates
  • Heat Deflector racks
  • Ash Tool,
  • Grate Lifter

The Kamado Round All-in_One package includes :

  • As above, plus
  • Stand
  • Side Tables


Grill Weight 240 lbs. 108.86kg
Cooking Area 280 sq in. 1,739cm2
Cooking Grid 18.5” dia. 47cm dia.
Temperature Range 150°—850°F+ 66°C—454°C+

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