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The All American Primo Oval LG 300 Ceramic Grill BBQ is the perfect BBQ set for any home. Our most popular ceramic grill is no wonder. Our X-Large Charcoal Primo provides the largest cooking area, and its patented oval shape offers superior cooking efficiency and accessibility. Grill, bake, roast or smoke any food.

The Oval LG 300 is made from Premium-Grade ceramic with excellent insulation qualities. Lock the heat in, and you can sear, smoke or bake your food perfectly. The ceramic is built to last as well. Without the need to cover it up, this grill can withstand any weather and is guaranteed not to rust, tarnish or corrode.

The Primo Oval LG 300 is highly convenient and user-friendly. At the simple turn of the air control, you can have the grill simmering away at 66 degrees all the way up to 454 degrees. There is plenty of space to prep and serve your dishes on the side shelves, which are FDA-approved for food hygiene. They can also be folded away for easy storage, along with the cart with wheels for easy manoeuvrability.

Cook as low as 65°C to smoke a salmon or to well over 455°C for sizzling ribeyes. Or cook "low and slow" for multiple hours to enjoy a succulent leg of lamb or tender pulled pork. The Primo Oval LG 300 requires little maintenance as well; they are practically self-cleaning.

The LG 300 All-in-One Package includes :
  • Heat Deflector plates, HD Plates and Firebox Divider, Ash tool, and grate lifter included
  • New Stainless Steel cooking Grids
  • Stand
  • Side Tables

We developed the Primo All-In-One Series with convenience in mind. Our vision behind the product is to offer a selection of grills that are ready to grill with minimal setup out of the box

Please Note: This grill comes with cooking grates, an ash tool, a grate lifter, heat deflector racks & firebox divider.


  • Patented Oval design
  • Made from Premium-Grade ceramic
  • Made in the USA
  • Stainless steel reversible cooking grates
  • New hinge for easy lifting/closing
  • Total cooking area: 3193cm2
  • Cooking grid: 15" x 22"
  • Grills 10-20 steaks at once
  • Built-In temperature gauge
  • Available as grill-only or a variety of Grill Tables
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty backed by 20-year guarantee
  • 5 Year warranty on metal parts, 1 Year on cast iron parts
  • Includes: Cooking grates, ash tool, grate lifter, heat deflector racks & firebox divider.
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