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Smokey Olive Wood - Cold Smoking Wood Dust

All Natural Wood Dust is Perfect for all common smoke generators.

About this item

  • Natural orange wood.
  • Enhances food with Fruity, fresh flavor of citrus wood smoke.
  • Strong smoke development, economical in use.
  • Grain size: 0 to 1mm, ideal for cold smoking

Is a sustainably sourced bi-product of the Spanish fruit and nut industry, which is dried in environmentally friendly solar kilns at a factory centred around the fruit and nut farms to create a European-sourced, sustainable and environmentally friendly product.

Orange will give a light fruit hint for pretty much everything turning food a beautiful golden colour, making it amazing to use with cold-smoked salmon.

Suitable for: Pork, poultry, fish, beef, lamb, vegetables, meats, cheese

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