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Our selection of hot sauces will satisfy any heat lover.  Not all of them will blow your head off, but they will leave you with a sweat.  Not just heat, but intense flavours make these the perfect sauces, all designed to give you food that extra kick.  Use to marinate or just for a dip, they are perfect for any occasion, and as there is always one that wants the hottest, we have added in 'The Game Changer' to keep them quiet.  We have designed this box as some just like it hot.  

This box contains:

1 x Mango Hot sauce (250ml) - Heat Level 1

1 x Raspberry Chipotle Hot sauce (250ml) - Heat Level 2

1 x Pineapple Hot sauce (250ml) - Heat Level 3

1 x Rum n Ting Hot sauce (250ml) - Heat Level 4

1 x The Game Changer Hot sauce (250ml) - Heat Level 5 (Our Hottest)


Please see individual products for allergens and ingredients.

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