Spit on Fire Rotisserie Carousel kit

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Spit on Fire Rotisserie Carousel kit

The Carousel is completely made of stainless steel and with its 3 baskets a real enrichment. Pork belly, spare ribs or smoked salmon; everything is possible! Partly due to the rotating movement that the baskets get within the closed barbecue. This gives the food even cooking. For example, your spareribs are cooked within 3 hours! But vegetables and potato wedges also come out perfectly from our carousel.

Intended for the kamado 21 inch, but it can certainly be mounted on a Weber 47/57 and similar gas BBQs. You slide it over your spit and secure it on the skewer with 2 screws.

Available for the
  • Primo Junior jr 200
  • Primo LG 300 & XL 400