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Rocoto Chilli Sauce and Amarillo Chilli Sauce Gift Box

Rocoto Chilli Sauce:This sweet chilli sauce uses Peru's finest, punchiest hot peppers and is perfect with seafood and meats or as an accompaniment to grilled vegetable dishes. It's got a beautiful ruby colour and a delicate balance of sweetness and heat. This sauce is very simple. No onions, tomatoes, or spices. Just red peppers, Rocoto chilli, garlic, sugar and a little lime juice. I like the purity of it and its simplicity makes it much more versatile. Rocoto Chilli Sauce makes a zingy accompaniment for chicken or fish dishes. The sauce is also a fabulous to salty cheeses such as Feta. You could even use the sauce to make a contemporary Sweet and Sour Stir-Fry dishes to add a little zing.

Allergens: None

Amarillo Garlic Chilli Sauce:One of the best accompaniments, this chilli sauce will add a lovely fruity depth to any meat or fish dish. Aji Amarillo is used in the very best Peruvian cuisine this fruity and aromatic sauce is made with the famous Peruvian yellow chilli. This is a wonderful creamy, garlic sauce, mild heat, and with a little acidity after note. Serving Suggestions Absolutely fantastically as a coleslaw or salad dressing. Delicious as a table sauce or dip.

Allergens: Egg

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