Texas Hot N'Spicy BBQ Rub

Texas Hot N'Spicy BBQ Rub

South Texas Barbacoa, is characteristic of South Texas, and the Rio Grande valley near the Mexico border is influenced by Mexican cuisine. Historically, this area was the birthplace of the Texas ranching tradition.

From the smoky taste of paprika to the bite of black pepper, and a quartet of our favourite chillies. A blend of Ancho, Pasilla, and Guajillo chillies from Mexican add a depth of flavour, mild smokiness, and chilli heat whilst the oregano adds a slight bitter taste. This rub will satisfy even the most demanding BBQ aficionado Hot and smoky, it is perfect for all kinds of meat and fish and is a real taste of Texas in your own home. BBQ will never be the same again!

Allergens: None


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