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CWS Members Christmas Deal - FireFly Barbecue

CWS Members Christmas Deal

It's been a fantastic year at FireFly Barbecue HQ! We have met so many new friends at KCBS competitions, both here in the UK at Q'Fest, Brew N'Q, the Big Meat, Maldon Smoke & Fire Festival, and Meatopia, and in Germany at BBQ-an-de-burg. A big thank you to all the people we have met that have helped us keep going -Marcus Bawdon, Jason Latham, Simon Dyer, Kate Szabolcsi, Cider Talbot, Chris Arnold, Jon Scaife and too many more to mention. Another big thank you to all the BBQ Teams that have helped us this year and a special shout out for All Seasoned Dutch BBQ (Peter Karmelk, Edwin Oosterhof,Hugo Bartels,Vincent Kostons) who took our rubs to the WFC this year and got 35th in Brisket.
To round it all off we won 5 Great Taste Awards in our first year, the smallest company to have won so many on the first try.

To say thank you to all our friends at CWS, we have a 20% discount on all BBQ Rubs and sauces, just for CWS members.
Not only that we have 30 bottles of smoked water to give away in Cherry, Oak, Beech, Hickory, and Apple for the first 30 orders.

Just enter CWSXmasBBQ for your 20% discount


Smoked Water

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