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Texas Cauliflower wings - FireFly Barbecue

Texas Cauliflower wings

Texas Cauliflower wings

What you need

Large pan, mixing bowls x 2, deep fat fryer, chopping board, chopping knife.





Flour plain

Texas hot n spicy BBQ rub



Stage 1

Cut cauliflower in to bit size bits, blanch in boiling water until start to go soft, remove from water into cold water to stop the cooking. when cooled remove and pat dry with kitchen roll to dry.


Mix the flour with the Texas hot n spicy BBQ rub to make a spiced flour mix.

Mix the buttermilk with Reavers ghost chilli Louisiana creole and mix well.


Add cooked cauliflower to buttermilk mix make sure well coated, shake off excess buttermilk and add to spiced flour mix.


Cook in deep fat fryer at 177c / 350f until golden brown and crispy remove and add to kitchen paper and add dust of salt and for me buffalo sauce works perfect.  

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