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Carolina Reaper Chicken Thighs - FireFly Barbecue

Carolina Reaper Chicken Thighs

Carolina Reaper Chicken Thighs


What you need  

temperature probe, chopping board, knife, fryer, mixing bowls



1.5kg chicken thighs  

2-3 tablespoons Reaver's Carolina reaper chilli BBQ extreme heat

Carolina reaper hot sauce (good splash to cover)



Rub the wings with Reaver's Carolina reaper chilli BBQ extreme heat.

let still for 30 minutes. The rub will start to work its magic add to BBQ start to cook with some apple wood chunks.

work well with thighs. (can do this in the oven just without the wood)

when almost cooked start to apply the Carolina reaper hot sauce with a pastry brush keep doing this till you build up a good, charred coating all over the thighs if you get some darker bits that’s cool, I think it’s the best bits. take off from heat.

add sliced chilli, spring onion and good splash of Carolina reaper hot sauce if you can take more heat.


Safe cooking temp 75c

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