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Memphis Stuffed Pepper Cups - FireFly Barbecue

Memphis Stuffed Pepper Cups

Memphis Stuffed Pepper Cups

What you need

Sharp chopping knife, chopping board, tray, tablespoon. Bowl


3 peppers

30ml rapeseed oil (good splash)

1 cloves Garlic (grated)

Good shake   Memphis BBQ pig RUB


Take pepper lay on its side trim the bottom part off so it can stand up, cut the top off to open up, use a table spoon to remove seeds this will give you a cup shape Add to tray add good splash of rapeseed oil grated garlic and good dusting of  Memphis BBQ pig RUB.

Filling – you can use what you like iv used left over rice, sliced garlic, mixed beans, the lids of the peppers, feta cheese. Mix in bowl and spoon mix into pepper.  Take pepper to tray and 

cook. until gets nice, charred colour & has becomes tender and the filling is piping hot 175c / 345f / gas mark 4.

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