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Boston Beech Jerked Pork Belly - FireFly Barbecue

Boston Beech Jerked Pork Belly

Boston Beech Jerked Pork Belly

What you need

Blender, chopping board, knife, temperature probe



2kg pork belly skin off bone out

6 cloves garlic

2 tablespoons Boston beach Jamaican jerk RUB

2 tablespoon Memphis BBQ pig RUB

¼ bunch Hand full coriander

1 green chilli

200ml pineapple juice


Wet marinade

cloves garlic

Boston beach Jamaican jerk RUB

Memphis BBQ pig RUB

Hand full coriander (chopped)

green chilli Charred over the hot embers

glass pineapple juice (good splash)



Add ingredients to blender wiz till smooth. apply to meat back into refrigerator best results 3-24hours before cooking


After pork been sat in wet rub for some time take to the BBQ or in the oven cook at 150c / 300f / gas mark 2

if on the BBQ I would use oak. at the start of cooking to build up and good smoke and a nice Bark on the meat, if you are cooking in the oven skip the wood part out, cook pork to a safe internal cooking temp of 75c, cooking time is approx. 3 hours but all depends on the thickness of the pork.

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