Utoka Coolers

Utoka Coolers

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our robust and stylish hard coolers come in a range of sizes and colours, to suit every outdoor scenario, order yours today!

Ice Retention Tips

In the right conditions, our coolers can retain ice for up to 5 days! Here are some handy hints for maximum ice retention!

  1. Pre-Cool – what we mean by this is use a bag or two of ice the night before to cool your cooler down, ready to load the next day! Always pre-chill your food and drink for maximum results.
  2. Which ice? -Try different types of ice to see what works best for you. We recommend a mix of Block ice/ice packs and cubed ice
  3. Loading? Cold air travels down so if you want well–chilled beverages, load the cooler with drinks first, then cover with ice
  4. How much ice? As a guide, we would recommend a 2:1 ice to product ratio. However, it really is a personal preference and will depend on your product and usage.
  5. Air is not our friend – Try and pack out your cooler as tight as possible, when you take something out, pack it back out with more ice or replace it with another product.
  6. Limit Cooler access – it goes without saying that each time you open the cooler, the warm outside air gets into the cooler and the ice will melt faster. Try to limit access and never leave the lid open for longer than necessary
  7. Don’t drain the water – the melted ice helps to insulate the remaining ice in the cooler.
  8. Keep out of direct sunlight

Cleaning Your Cooler

  • Clean the inside and outside. Clean the inside with a solution of mild soap and warm water, especially before first use.
  • Always clean after use, especially if used in a saltwater environment. Hand wash only.
  • Always air dry the cooler with the lid open before storing.